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The oldest church of Malmö, built in the 14th century.

S:t Petri church is a romanesque church dedicated to St. Nicholas was the forerunner
In the 13th century, a large part of the population moved from Upper Malmö, located in the Triangle area, to Lower Malmö by the strait. During the latter half of the century, a Romanesque church dedicated to St. Nicolaus was built here. This is probably the church depicted in Malmö's oldest seal.

St. Petri Church was built on the site of this old church and according to tradition, the year 1319 is associated with the inauguration of St. Petri Church. In 1346, the church is mentioned for the first time in Niels Bunkeflo's will. Archaeological research confirms that the church began to be built during the first decade of the 14th century.

St. Mary's Church in Lübeck was probably a direct inspiration for the church building. St. Petri Church is a worthy representative of the Baltic brick Gothic that characterizes the churches in the Hanseatic cities around the Baltic Sea.

Today it is mainly the Renaissance that meets us in the whitewashed walls of the church and in epitaphs, pulpit, and altarpiece. But in the space of the church room, with high arches and pointed arches, the Gothic architecture of the church becomes apparent. St. Petri Church is a three-aisled basilica with a central aisle, two side aisles, a transept, and a chancel with a choir aisle.

The interior of the Gothic church is characterized by pointed arched arches and windows, and on the outside, the buttresses hold up the walls and give the church its characteristic appearance.

On the outside, the church looks almost the same today as it did seven hundred years ago. Two extended chapels have been demolished and the tower has changed its appearance over the centuries.

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