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One of the most important landmarks in Malmö


Kronprinsen was built between 1959-1964, and with twenty-seven stories and a facade of blue tiles in gradually changing shade, it's a unique building in the Malmö skyline. The architect was Thorsten Roos, and with inspiration taken from the classic USA high rises, Kronprinsen is a symbol for the modern and the forward-thinking.

The Kronprinsen area was built in 1897 with various buildings for Kronprinsens regiment. Since the regiment was disbanded in 1927, the buildings were used for multiple forms of civilian activity. In the former officers' fair was the legendary dance restaurant Arena, which burned down in 1958. The remaining buildings, including the large house barracks at Regementsgatan, were demolished in 1957 to give way for new developments.

The high-rise, which has 27 floors and is 75 meters high, was clad with ceramic tiles in different shades of blue. The inspiration for the house's height and design came from American skyscrapers and the Pirelli building in Milan. On the other hand, the different facades are made of concrete elements, a result of Åberg's close collaboration with Skånska Cementgjuteriet. The varied color scheme of the balcony niches is original.

The idea with Kronprinsen was that it would become a city within a city. Therefore, in addition to homes and offices, there were also restaurants, a doctor's office, a church, a tennis and bowling alley, and not least an indoor square with shopping streets. In the underlying garage, there was full service for cars. From the top floor of the high-rise building, internal TV was broadcast until the 1980s.

Kronprinsen is one of the most important landmarks in Malmö, the house is an expression of a rational thought driven, and it is the highlight of modernism in Malmö.


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